Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So for those of you who keep abreast of the activities on this blog (thanks for the love btw) you will notice that there is a big gap of events. I KNOW! aaaand, I apologize. I'm going to be catching up on it pretty quick hopefully so that you can see all of the things that we've been up too. I do like to post in chronological order (because I keep it mainly as a journal for my family) so you may see a lot of posts all of a sudden from the past months.

Today, however, I want to show you the inspiration for my current project which is Miriam's Room. I had already decided partially on a color scheme when we moved into our home this past year and have painted the walls a lavendar color. I had originally wanted to do an argyle under the chair rail molding in the room only to realize that hers was the only bedroom without this thereby foiling my plans. Drat! I had also had a butterfly/bird/woodland theme in mind as well so I just switched it all of to this frame of mind. One day while scouting out the local thrift store I came across this dress:

Ignore the wrinkles. Like I said, thrift store find. It's hard to tell how vibrant the colors are, but I had that "aha" moment and knew that this was my color scheme and theme. This quickly led me to finding this at Michaels.

I was in love with the colors and the birds and the cages and some very beautiful things not shown here. You know when it seems like a project is just coming together?

Lastly I saw these at homegoods:

And I thought, "CUTE!" and "I can totally make a lot of this stuff for less than it is here." Soon I'm going to post my frames project for each of the kid's rooms.

So what do you think? If I keep going I envision something really beautiful. You just might find me bunking with Mimi every so often ;) I can't wait to finish to show off the transformation.

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